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Update Thursday | 06/18/2020

It’s Dr. Rabinowitz again with some COVID contemplations.

We’re glad to see so many of you returning for all your well exams.  We’re filling up for the summer; so call and make an appointment now with our expanded schedule.  All of our employees wear masks. Spoiler alert: we may remove it for a moment from across the room to smile at the infants just so that we can get that great return smile.

As of today, there hasn’t been an announcement about school reopening.  I’m starting to wonder who will announce their schedule first – the schools or the MLB. No one has asked me but…

Children need to be back in school. Their development, education, and social life depend on it. COVID-19 fortunately does not have much effect on them. Sure, there needs to be some modifications: masks, hand washing, distancing, maybe some creative scheduling. Stay home if one is sick.

What I would do is start classes in mid July and go until Thanksgiving, with no break, then have two months off and finish at Memorial Day. I would require all personnel to be back from any travel two weeks before school reopened in late January and request that all students also return from travels two weeks before. That should limit any spread when schools reopen in the winter.

If, by chance, they do have to close down for two weeks due to too many cases, there would be plenty of time after Thanksgiving, or after Memorial Day, to make this up.

When school does start, there will be the usual number of colds, viruses, etc. How will we tell who may have COVID-19 and who has something else? We plan to have a reliable, quick test (15 minutes) available by the time school starts. We plan to have patients who have a fever or cold symptoms drive into an outdoor tent in our lot, get tested, then come into the office if negative or go home with instructions if positive. More details to follow.

We are also beginning to plan for giving flu vaccines. We expect to receive some shipments in August. It is unlikely anyone will not want to get one this year, even those who generally refuse them, as symptoms can be similar to COVID, and the combination of both could be dangerous. We will be expanding our flu clinic hours to allow social distancing and may even try a drive through for those old enough to cooperate. More details to follow.

We are seeing “macne” – acne brought on by wearing masks. It is generally mild and responds well to over the counter acne products. It’s a better option then COVID; so keep wearing your masks inside commercial establishments or in crowds.


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