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Update Wednesday | 08/05/2020


I am a fan of extracurricular activities, especially sports and band (of which I participated in both while attending high school). But as a Pediatrician, I applaud CHSAA’s decision to move some sports to the spring.   I have been concerned that all of these pre-season workouts would only increase the COVID-19 incidence rate, and the start of school would see a rapid rise of cases and a quick closure of schools again.  We need to prioritize our children’s education first.  Interestingly, most student athletes I’ve talked to agree with this opinion.

We have been asked by some parents to write a note for school allowing their child to not have to wear a mask for health reasons.  But the fact is, there are no health reasons that would preclude this.  Studies have shown that patients with respiratory conditions, such as asthmatics, have no problems wearing masks.  Actually, pulse oximetry, both with and without a mask, as well as exercising with or without one, show no difference in oxygenation.  The cause of a child feeling that they are having breathing difficulty is anxiety.  We can help with this if needed, with some tips from our counselors.  Bottom line, we will not be writing those notes.

Of all the school plans I have heard about (mainly five days or two days a week), I like the few schools that are doing four days a week.  This gives students the advantages of being at school, but also some experience in virtual learning in case school get shut down again. 


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