Update:  Thursday | 10/27/2022

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COVID-19 vaccines have been added to the official CDC Immunization schedule. This is a list that is updated yearly to include all recommended childhood vaccines.

This does not include any new recommendations – it simply formalizes the schedule of vaccines.

This list is not a list of mandated vaccines.

While we do recommend all vaccines on this list, we do not require our patients to receive COVID vaccines to be our patients.  We do adhere to the recommended vaccines for daycare/school attendance as part of our vaccine policy.

If you have questions about this schedule, please let us know!

We are currently seeing high volumes of respiratory illnesses including rhinovirus, RSV, and other viral common colds. Strep pharyngitis is also prevalent.


Remember that we offer same-day acute appointments if you are in need.  Be sure to call our office before 2:30 PM.

Reminder – it’s important to receive your flu vaccine now! Call to schedule today.