Pediatric TeleMedicine Services

Meet with our experienced providers through pediatric TeleMedicine services from the comfort of your home. Get remote care for your child’s illness or concern using your phone, tablet, or computer. Schedule an appointment today to get pediatric care online.

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Pediatric TeleMedicine Links

The following links are only for scheduled TeleMedicine appointments. These links are not monitored and should not be used for general patient concerns. Please contact 911 for emergency situations.

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Please call our office, or use the text messaging option for all issues not related to a scheduled appointment.

Physician TeleMedicine Link
Brian Stanga, MD
Lauren Finney, MD
Kristin Prevedel, MD
Esther Oh Beck, MD
Maya Kippen, DO
E Jann Quaife, MD
Physician Extenders TeleMedicine Link
Nathan Schulte, PA-C
Lauren Sterner, CPNP
Psychologists TeleMedicine Link
Crystal Joy, PsyD
Lactation TeleMedicine Link
Tracy Stam, RDN, CLE