Effective:  04/08/2021

  1. My child has been exposed at school or an activity.  What do we do now?

The CDC revised the quarantine guidelines in early December to include the option to test an exposed person without symptoms on Day 5-7 (from last contact with known COVID individual). If this test is negative, the person may end quarantine after Day 7, but should remain vigilant in monitoring for any symptoms of illness within 14 days. Additionally, they shortened the quarantine period without testing to 10 days (from 14 days).

We are able to preform this testing in our office.


  1. What does quarantine mean?  What does isolation mean?

If someone is exposed to COVID-19, they should quarantine at home for 7-10 days (See #1 above). This means not going to school, sports, restaurants, grocery stores, or other activities. This also includes routine medical appointments like well visits. Obviously, if the person is ill, please call our office for guidance.

If someone has COVID-19, they should isolate at home – this means remaining in their own space as much as possible with minimal contact with other family members.


  1. When can my child return to school?

If your child is exposed to COVID-19, he/she must remain home for 7-10 days (see #1 above). If at the end of the 10 days, he/she has no symptoms, they can return at that time. If your child has been diagnosed with COVID-19, he/she may return to activities a minimum of 10 days from the onset of symptoms, once fever-free for 24 hours without medications and all other symptoms are improved. Please check with your school or daycare policy for further guidelines.


  1. What treatments are available to children with COVID-19?

At this time, symptomatic care is indicated. This includes using over-the-counter (OTC) medications like the ones usually used for cold/flu symptoms. Other medications and interventions are used only in hospitalized patients. We are closely following any new developments that would change our treatment plan in an outpatient setting.


  1. When can my child return to sports/activities after having COVID-19?

See the explanation for #3 above. However, if your child had moderate to severe symptoms OR has continued chest pain or respiratory symptoms, they may need to be seen by a cardiologist for clearance. If your child needs a sports form signed and has had COVID19, he/she will need an exam in our office to make sure he/she is ready to return to full activity.


  1. When should my child be seen if they woke up this morning with mild symptoms?

We are happy to see your child anytime they are ill. However, it would be appropriate to treat them at home for mild symptoms without exposure and call us for an appointment if they do not improve in 2-3 days. If your child has been exposed to COVID and is ill, we would recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as possible for evaluation.

As always, please call us with any questions or concerns as they arise.


  1. What testing is done for COVID?

Currently, we are offering both rapid antigen testing and PCR collection at our office for patients who are ill or exposed and request testing per the CDC’s newest guidelines. We are also offering pre-travel testing pending test availability.

*An office visit is required for any testing.


  1. What precautions is Parker Pediatrics taking to protect my family?

Any patient who has an illness will be seen in a separate designated area of our office.. This area does not come into contact with any of our other acute or well rooms. We are using our acute side for only non-ill patients, so as not to risk any COVID exposure. Of course, our well side is totally separate from other areas.  We also have one-way entry and exits.